The Best Animals for Wildlife Calendars

Wildlife calendars come in many shapes and sizes. With a variety of themes to choose from, they are a favorite in the home and office. With so many animals to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow in on which animals make for the best features. After careful consideration, we've compiled the 12 best animals to feature in wildlife calendars.


With over 222 species of these beautiful birds, owls are at the top of our list. Not only do these nocturnal beauties come in small or large forms, owls provide wildlife calendars with stunning visual displays of speed, stillness, and grace.

Owls can be photographed or painted in a variety of poses and activities. With either a stoic stance upon a wooden fence, or a full flight capture of this predator in action, owls are sure to please in any wildlife calendar.

A few of our favorites: Snowy owls make for gorgeous winter month features, while barn owls demonstrate a classic and traditionally Americana nostalgia.

Red Fox

Sleek and sly, the red fox is a calendar aficionado favorite. With an expressive face and fluffy tail to boot, the red fox demonstrates a fun and mysterious addition to any calendar.

We love the fox in a playful springing pose, or in a sly stalking stance. The red fox makes for a great winter feature, with crimson fur against a pearlescent background of freshly fallen snow.


Is there any other creature as synonymous with the wilderness as the elk? Elk, whether alone or in a herd, they hold a certain regal quality to their presence. Tall and graceful with impressive antlers, elk exude a quiet, yet powerful demonstration of classic strength and beauty.

Elk also demonstrate grace and beauty in almost any pose. Whether grazing the local vegetation, standing tall on a bluff, or running in herds, elk make for one of our favorite additions.


One of our favorite quadrupeds, moose hold a majesty that few animals are able to demonstrate. This gentle giant of the Northern Hemisphere makes for a beautiful addition to one of the summer months of wildlife calendars.

Moose can often be seen swimming in ponds and lakes in the spring and summer months. When emerging from their afternoon swims, the water glides over the moose's gleaming brown coat that glistens in the sunshine.


With a variety of these burly beasts, bears can provide a wide range of artistic demonstrations of power, dexterity and observation. Consider the image of a grizzly bear in a rushing river sweeping down to catch a trout in his paw.

We also love the image of a black bear climbing a tree to reach new heights or perhaps a delicious honeycomb from a nearby beehive.


A sleek and stealthy addition, cougars or mountain lions are the most well known big cats in Northern America. Whether prowling the slopes for prey, or resting on a cliff to soak up the sunshine, cougars incorporate a lovely feline presence into a calendar that predominantly features hooved animals such as deer, elk or moose.


A symbol of strength in many cultures, the wolf was the original “man's best friend.” These canine counterparts of modern day dogs travel in packs and follow a strict hierarchy of leadership. Alpha wolves lead the pack and exhibit dominance over other members of the pack.

Wolves, either alone or with their pack mates, demonstrate a serene yet fierce presence of wilderness. Traditional photographs or paintings may show wolves in a howling position, or in the midst of stalking their prey. And who can resist a photo of a few wolf pups playing in the grass?


These adorable amphibious mammals can be found swimming in the North Western portions of rivers and bays of North America. Swimming in a supine position, otters enjoy eating fresh shellfish. Using small rocks to crack open the shells of the clams and snails they love to snack on, these adorable otters demonstrate dexterity and ingenuity to use rudimentary tools to access these protein filled food sources.

Otters are often a fan favorite for any wildlife calendar. Otters can often be seen swimming in pairs, teaching younger otters the art of swimming and dining on crab delicacies.


Once nearly extinct, the American buffalo, or bison, has made a substantial comeback. As a primary resource of food, clothing, tools and utensils, buffalo were hunted to near extinction in the 1800's and early 1900's. However, an initiative to prevent the extinction of the buffalo has been successfully implemented, and the buffalo are thriving in Northern America once again.

Though all animals are beautiful, we love these 12 animals for a traditional North American wildlife calendar. Be sure to order your own herea. Which animals would you like to see in a calendar? We would love to hear your opinions, email us at this address:

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