5 Ways to Bring Nature into the Office

Let's face it: cubicles are boring. And beyond that, most traditional office spaces are pretty unnatural. After all, humans were meant to be outdoors, experiencing nature in all of its finest glories. We want to smell the aromas of the outdoors and see the sights and animals that accompany these natural occurrences.

Even though your boss did not go for the company camping trip you suggested last fall, incorporating nature into the office can be as easy as bringing in a couple of decorative pieces of wall art. Let's dive into 5 ways you can bring nature into the office.

Plant Life

Adding a bit of foliage to the office not only adds a bit of nature to your otherwise sparse space, plants in the office have been shown to increase productivity and decrease stress. Small decorative arrangements of greenery can provide a delicate touch of nature in the office.

While creating decorative plant arrangements, be sure to utilize plants that do not flower regularly, as flowering plants can produce pollen. Pollen can cause allergic reactions in some employees. Be conscientious of your fellow workmates when incorporating plant life in the office to bring in the outdoors.

Decorative Mugs

Coffee is a must have in just about any office. However, most coffee mugs are fairly plain jane. Bring a bit of nature into the office with decorative coffee mugs that feature beautiful landscapes, ocean views, or a few of your favorite animals.

Many gift shops and local home decor stores offer a variety of wilderness and outdoor themed beverage conveyances. Coffee mugs can come in a variety of themes and color palettes, you're sure to find a coffee or tea mug that suits your personal style and adds a bit of the outdoors to your office.

Touch of Green

In addition to adding plants to the office, incorporating more green into the office decor is a great way to achieve a more balanced and relaxed state of mind in the office. Green requires no adjustment to the eyes when seen, therefore promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. It is believed that the color green has this effect due to the large occurrence of the color green in nature; in trees, flowers, grasses and other plant life.

Incorporating green into the office can be as simple as including a few plants, or as in depth as changing the color on the office walls. If you're looking to incorporate simple methods of introducing green into the office, try throwing a couple of sage green pillows on the couch in the office lounge. Or even hang a few greener art prints in the halls or main traffic areas. With more green to be seen, your office will start to feel more in tune with nature.

Nature's Aroma

The great outdoors has a distinct natural scent to it. In a heavily wooded area, you might smell cedar or pine, whereas on the beach you might inhale the scents of salt water and calming patchouli. Or high in the mountains you might inhale the aroma of crisp and clean air with a hint of wild flowers.

The scents of nature don't have to be exclusively inhaled outside. Essential oils provide a lovely glimpse into the aromas of nature, and can be used in air diffusers to create a pleasant scents in the office space.

Even though essential oils are naturally derived products, it is important to be considerate of your coworker's olfactory senses. Some may not appreciate the intense aromas that come with some of your favorite essential oils or blends. Be courteous and respectful of your office mate's delicate sensory experiences.

If you still want to smell the oils, keep a bottle or two of them in your desk, and inhale as necessary to immerse yourself in a grounding and balanced aromatic experience. A few that we love are cedar, balsam wood, and geranium.


Last but certainly not least, wildlife calendars are a great addition to any office setting. Keeping track of your important deadlines never looked so natural and outdoorsy when paired with the majestic creatures of wildlife.

Wildlife calendars are often used as reminders of important dates and deadlines, while simultaneously creating feelings of appreciation and respect for the animals that reside with us in this world. Wildlife calendars are a lovely way to bring more nature into the office. When paired with fresh green plant life, and maybe a few aromatic essential oil diffusers, your office will be feeling one with nature in no time.

We know that you and your office will love one of our 2016 nature calendars. We want our calendars to be a tradition for you year after year, so we strive to impress with the quality and practicality of these beautiful masterpieces! Order your own 2016 wildlife calendar today and bring nature into your office!

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