Nature Calendar by Award Winning Artists

Our home offices are a place of peace and sanctuary that allow ourselves to be the most effective that we can. That's why we pulled together a nature calendar for 2016 that reflects the goals of the ideal workplace- an area that is both beautiful and functional. We've been creating these calendars for a while now, and have received great amounts of positive responses!

Our nature calendars capture the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors, and bring a little bit of wildlife into your home or office space. We've created the perfect calendar, printed on large, beautiful paper and filled with inspiring scenes from nature. Our spacious calendars allow you to easily keep track of all of your important dates, deadlines, and appointments. Every year we put together a spectacular calendar especially for the people who want to make an oasis out of their home offices and offices at work.

We couldn't do this without the help of our incredible artists. Every year these artists create eye catching pieces of art for our 13 month nature calendars. These fine artists, that fill the pages of our nature calendars, elevate our calendars from organizational tools to precious masterpieces that you and your family will treasure!

Because they're the stars of wildlife calendars, we want you to get to know our artists better, and see the amazing people that make our nature calendars possible. Our artists have strong artistic backgrounds, which are as impressive as the works they make for our customers!

Carl Brenders

Carl Brenders is internationally renowned for his faithful interpretations of nature and natural elements. He has been honored with many different accolades including Master Artist status and induction into the U.S. Art Hall of Fame. We admire the way he carefully studies his subjects and gets up close and personal with what he wants to recreate. He lets the natural beauty all around him inspire his art, and he uses meticulously captured photographs in his artistic process.

Carl Brenders is an irreplaceable part of our team, and our customers love the way his art gives them what feels like an intimate encounter with elusive and sometimes dangerous animals. We know that you will be drawn in by the emotions created by his vivid portrayal of the natural world.

Terry Isaac

Terry Isaac is another one of our internationally acclaimed artists. He has created some incredibly moving pieces for our calendars, and our customers love his use of dramatic light in creating truly memorable works of art.

Terry's love of wildlife and his commitment to dedicate his art to it stems from his childhood growing up in the Northwest. Even after moving to British Columbia, he still loves to paint birds and mammals native to the Pacific Northwest. We wouldn't be able to bring you our beautiful nature calendars without his help!

John Mullane

John Mullane helps us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. As a self trained artist, he has a unique point of view and artistic style that speaks to us in a personal way. John Mullane told us that he "got interested in painting and focused on it when I discovered The Art of Robert Bateman in the library of The Fashion Institute of Technology in 1988.”

He also expressed, ”It inspired me to see if I could paint wildlife, and so I taught myself over the next couple of years. That one book changed the entire direction of my life." John's love of wildlife is evident in the incredible pieces he creates for our beautiful nature calendar.

John Seerey-Lester

John Seerey-Lester has an incredible history of creating stunning wildlife art. John currently has artwork hanging in the White House, in private and personal collections, and also in museums. He gets his inspiration by traveling the world and getting close up and personal with the wildlife he paints. A visit to East Africa thirty years ago started his love for creating beautiful nature scenes in his paintings, and he's been touching the lives of others ever since.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is inspired by his home in Bozeman, Montana, and creates beautiful art to express his love of the rugged terrain and local wildlife. Daniel's dedication for creating remarkable representations of the Northwest shows in his willingness to travel extensively for inspiration.

Daniel has a deep appreciation for the subjects of his passion. He has used his art to aid and draw attention to wildlife conservation efforts. Several conservation organizations have honored him with titles such as Artist of the Year, and he has won many awards from the Society of Animal Artists. His art has shown in many different museums throughout the world, and has received many awards for his stunning masterpieces.

We love our artists and we know you will too. Take a look at some of their art on our website, and order one of our 2016 nature calendars so that you can appreciate their art every single day of the year. Printed on high quality paper, these calendars make a great gift for your friends and family as well. We want our calendars to be a tradition for you year after year, so we strive to impress with the quality and practicality of these beautiful masterpieces! Order your calendar today.

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